The Memory Palace, a Podcast by Nate DiMeo

Jean Oshima
2 min readFeb 20, 2018

Nate DiMeo was Artist in Residence at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art season 2016/2017. His podcast was a Peabody Award finalist in 2016. I can see why.

This is my first entree into the world of podcasts. I’d heard a few over the years but nothing really resonated with me so much so that I would listen again. And again. And again.

Nate DiMeo is gifted with intelligence, humor, curiosity, and a great voice. He co-authored a book and spent a decade in public radio. You can read about him here in this New Yorker article:

Some of the things I like about Nate DiMeo’s podcast in particular is that segments are short and varied and he has what I call “an easy-on-the-ears voice”. I learn so much in the 8 to 12 minutes I listen to The Memory Palace. Not only do I learn but every single time I am surprised by something. Even shocked. I won’t offer any spoilers here as I wouldn’t want to ruin your experience.

Go here to have a listen:

I recommend starting with episode 121, The Nickel Candy Bar. You’re gonna love it!

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