Stockholm Pie and General Store

Jean Oshima
3 min readMar 3, 2022

My recent roadtrip for a wonderful weekend stay at a farm in Stockholm, Wisconsin makes me wonder if anyone has ever toured the United States by visiting just general stores. The Stockholm Pie and General Store in the quaint village of Stockholm is worth a visit if you’re ever within a few hundred miles.

Wisconsin is a beautiful state. Much more hilly than I remember from past visits. Maybe because this trip was in the middle of winter and the hills are covered with snow and appear prominent and inviting, especially for sledding. I don’t think it is the capital of sledding, but it should be!

Near the general store in Stockholm on the border of Minnesota and Wisconsin is Lake Pepin, a naturally occurring lake on the Mississippi River, the birthplace of waterskiing! That’s right, waterskiing was invented by Ralph and Ben Samuelson at Lake Pepin, Minnesota on the river! I lived on the Mississippi for many years but never skied it and only opted for a much calmer Rock River in my hometown of Moline, Illinois. I really can’t imagine skiing the Mississippi. It always seemed so powerful. But I guess it’s not only something people do, but it’s where it all started. Go figure!

So back to the pie place and the reason for this 5 Heart Rating. Actually, I would give the entire village of Stockholm 5 hearts — its people, shops, location, scenery, architecture, and restaurants are worth a weekend stay, at least. Really, if you are fortunate enough to visit for a week, I’d do that! But just be sure to go to the general store. And eat pie. If you have their delicious lunch, I recommend doing what we did, and eat pie first. One of my top three foods in the world is really good cherry pie and this place has the best I have ever had. The crust, filling, balance of both, is perfection. And of course they have a full menu of pies to choose from and I hear their blueberry peach which is only available during the summer is to die for. (Yes, I’ll be going back for this.)

And if you like to shop for food as I do, you will love the experience here at the general store and the entire village. Be sure to stop in The Palate. They have their own sommellier and quite the varied selection of wines at very reasonable prices! (I found a wonderful Chardonnay from Carcassonne, France, which i have visited multiple times!) What a fun shop run by wonderful people! Sandy bakes. Her scones are the best! And they offer cooking classes! Check out their website here:

Back to pie and the general store… Plan your lunch here. And eat pie first! Here’s their website:

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