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Jean Oshima
3 min readJul 5, 2020

It’s been a while since I’ve so enjoyed a food-related series. Once Anthony Bourdain hit the scene, all other food shows seem to pale in comparison. Until now.

Phil Rosenthal, the creator and writer of the hit television series, Everybody Loves Raymond, which I have actually never seen, created and stars in a wonderfully entertaining, educational, inspiring, eye-opening, horizon-broadening series on Netflix called Somebody Feed Phil.

I’m practicing self-control and only watching an episode every few days or so but I could easily plow through this 3-season delight in a day. To start I skipped forward to the Lisbon episode just because it is one of my favorite places I have ever been and then went on to Dublin which is one of my favorite places I have not been. Both are extremely entertaining. I laugh out loud at the lightning-speed quips, facial expressions, and antics of this creative genius. And his emotional awareness, appreciation for other cultures and ways of doing things is quite refreshing, especially at this time.

I’ve become such a fan of Mr. Rosenthal that I now follow him on Instagram and am happy to support his efforts to help Los Angeles area restaurants through this increasingly difficult time dealing with the pandemic. This man is such a great example of living life to the fullest. He doesn’t need to do the series. He could easily sit back and enjoy the fruits of his very successful, long-running television show. But he’s chosen to take us on a journey (sometimes bringing his wonderful family along) at a time when most of us cannot travel. And I for one sincerely appreciate this.

His son is part of the crew that travels to destinations all over the world and the way each episode is written and directed makes each one unique and worth watching. I will likely watch this whole series more than once.

Thanks to my dear friend Amanda for recommending the series. Sometimes people just know you so well that they know what you will love. But it takes that extra effort to actually reach out and share. I am grateful for the hours-long conversations I’ve had over the years with Amanda because apparently she got to know me well because she was spot on with this recommendation!

Here’s the Netflix trailer but I suggest you just dive right in either starting by picking a favorite destination or starting with the first episode and traveling all the way through.

And just for kicks here’s an interview with Phil on the Jimmy Kimmel show. Read the comments to see how loved this guy and his shows are. I laughed at the one where someone says “He always looks like he was just told there’s gonna be ice cream.”

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