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Jean Oshima
2 min readJul 27, 2023

SmartLess is really SmartFUL. This podcast, of course because of the three hosts, is absolutely genius! The combination of Will Arnett, Sean Hayes, and Jason Bateman could not be a better example of kismet. These three have very distinct personalities built from very different experiences with the one common thread being their careers in entertainment.

A unique aspect of Smartless is the fact that only one of the three hosts knows who the weekly guest will be. So they start each episode briefly getting reacquainted and catching up on the latest in eachother’s lives and then one of the hosts goes into their introduction and welcoming of the guest and revealing their identity. Of course, you’ll know who the guest is because the podcast will indicate. Which leads me to another element of this entertaining podcast.

I could do two separate 5 Heart Ratings here, one for the weekly podcast and another for the documentary: “Smartless: On the Road”, a 2023 TV miniseries, is available to watch on MAX, which is how I saw it, and to listen to on Wondery. I also got to see it in the original format of one of the three hosts introducing the mystery guest for each of the 6 episodes. (I won’t ruin it for you by saying here who those guests are but I will say, I thoroughly enjoyed each of them.) There’s quite a variety.

There’s another layer to the very entertaining miniseries which is the fact that Will, Sean, and Jason actually travel together and stay in the same hotel room. There are some real hilarious moments and you get a glimpse of just how spontaneously funny these guys are.

If you need a laugh, who doesn’t, give a listen to the podcast. Or watch the documentary. Or both! We can all use a lot more laughter!!

I was especially impressed with the President Biden episode. We hear all the time how old he is and that he can’t put a sentence together, etc. Well, after hearing him on SmartLess, I beg to differ. This guy is sharp! Listen for youself.

Will Arnett, Sean Hayes, President Joe Biden, and Jason Bateman

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