Sisters of Anarchy Ice Cream

Jean Oshima
3 min readFeb 11, 2022

We happened upon Sisters of Arnarchy Ice Cream when visiting (another 5 Heart Rating) a local cider producer, Downeast Cider House, on Boston Bay. LIterally on teh water. It was a beautiful summer day, perfect for an icedcold cider and even better for some of the best ice cream I have ever had. Maybe the best. (Keeping in mind I am originally from the Quad-Cities where Whitey’s Ice Cream originates and is found on many of the world’s best ice cream lists.)

Like Whitey’s, Sisters of Anarchy, in my opinion, is good because the ingredients are fresh and locally-sourced. But unlike Whitey’s, according to SOA, almost all of the ingredients are grown on their Vermont farm by the ice cream makers. This is what really sets SOA apart. The flavors and combinations of flavors are creative and perfectly paired. In contrast with a local ice cream I had just the other day, the flavors such as that of their popular Black Velvet if You Please™ is simply light chocolate and blackberries. The other very popular ice cream maker I had I would describe as “mixed up”. I tried 3 different versions and they all seemed “mixed up”. Almost like the ice cream was put in a blender. But I digress. I’m not here to criticize others but felt the need to show the comparison. SOA clearly has put a great deal of thought into their flavor combos and every single one I’ve tried is absolutely delicious!

Back to the day we had SOA for the first time — the two young ladies manning the pop-up were delightful and a wealth of information about the Vermont area. My daughter was taking notes on her phone like a mad woman! Anyway, they were very proud of their ice cream and the Vermont area in general. I had Snap™ that day and again when I had an order shipped to us. Along with several others. All of them were amazing. But Snap™ is still my favorite, maybe due to the nostalgia of that perfect summer day and our interaction with the pop-up girls. Snap™ is homemade, half-baked ginger/chocolate/molasses cookies blended in a light vanilla base. YUM!!!

SOA’s website is extremely comprehensive and I encourage you to read about their story here:

And if you want a taste of Vermont without the planetrip, I highly recommend ordering online. Also, if you have a friend in need of a little pick-me-up, please send them some Sisters of Anarchy stat!! (My sweet cousin sent me Whitey’s when I had shoulder surgery and to this day, it is one of the very best gestures/surprises I have ever experienced. I ate ice cream every single day for two weeks and recovered very quickly. I am certain, due to her kindness.)

I’ll just mention one other ice cream flavor I thought was off-the-charts: I Really Love Your Peaches™. It’s seasonl, so you’ll have to catch it when available. Okay, I’m done. Go get some ice cream!

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