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2 min readMay 18, 2023

I am obsessed with SeatGuru. I don’t buy airline tickets and select seats until I thoroughly research the seat. This may seem a bit obsessive for some, but once I found this little tool, I never went back — to the seat that does not recline on a 14-hour flight, or a window seat with no window, or a seat right next to the restrooms, or a seat with no inflight entertainment screen, etc. The benefit is not only to those flying economy but I have found that one seat is definitely better than another when upgrading as well.

I’ve met a few people that really don’t care where they sit and even some that actually like the middle seat. I am not one of them. If I’m gonna fly, I want to know about the airport before I arrive (simple Google search), check my flight status (Flight Aware), and choose the best possible seat available (SeatGuru). Seat Guru has been reliable and accurate every single time.

And since I make travel arrangements for others, if I do your flights, you can bet I’ve picked the best seat possible for you. When flying, many things can be out of our control. Choosing a great seat is not one of them!

Here are some images of what you will see at the site. Very user-friendly!

There’s a diagram of the whole plane with a description of the aircraft and details showing each cabin.

I love this part because you can see at a glance the “good seats” and the seats you might want to avoid. Not to mention a layout showing the location of the galley and restrooms, etc.

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