Queer Eye: Without Further Ado, Season 4 Episode 1

Jean Oshima
2 min readMay 17, 2020

This is one of a long list of great experiences that would not have occurred had we not been in social isolation. I had never seen the Queer Eye series on Netflix until my daughter told me about an episode in which a music teacher, Mrs. Dooley, just 2 hours south of where I grew up, has a makeover. And that’s not all. I was intrigued.

Where has Queer Eye been all my life! People have referenced it and asked me if I’d ever seen it but I had not. Not for any particular reason except maybe that I don’t watch TV?

This episode was so good for so many reasons which I will not give away so you can enjoy it as much as I did. But I will say the show does speak directly to the value (understatement) of teachers, bullying, dedication (another understatement) and the power and effect of the arts in the classroom.

I grew up with music. From grade school all through high school I was actively involved in choir as president both in the 6th grade and as a senior in high school. I had the role as Amahl’s mother in Amahl and the Night Visitors and to this day I still remember my part.

But more importantly, I remember my teacher Mrs. Bradbury, who had more impact on me than any other teacher in my life. She was a saint. I never once heard her raise her voice. Mrs. Bradbury deserves her own 5 Heart Rating. I learned the autoharp, recorder, some piano, the handbells, how to sing 4-part harmony, and, as mentioned, got to sing in my first opera at age 10!

The enthusiasm of the students, fellow teachers and school administration, and the community is quite heartwarming. I wanted to cry and smile at the same time all throughout. Of course the “Fab Five”, to which the stars of this hit Netflix series are lovingly referred, are each talented in their own right. And unlike other reality shows I have tried to watch, they seem very genuine and come with their own intersting story.

If you have never seen this show, start with this episode. But I’m warning you, you may get hooked. I know I am!

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