Porcupine Dryer Balls

Jean Oshima
3 min readApr 16, 2019

Yes you heard that right — Porcupine Dryer Balls (is that supposed to be capitalized?) deserve a 5 Heart Rating.

One of the unexpected pleasures of doing this blog is realizing there are so many seemingly insignificant joys in life that can truly make my day. These dryer balls do that.

I purchased these cute little guys from a popular boutique-ish general store in downtown Franklin, Tennessee called White’s Mercantile. There’s one in Nashville as well. Matter of fact, I’m going to add White’s to my list of 5 Heart Ratings. I mentioned White’s in my blog about Henrietta Red, a wonderful restaurant in Nashville. Anyway…

These porcupines were in a huge basket along with a couple hundred others exactly like them and I had no idea what they were so I asked. I had to have them! Their little faces are just so so cute. I actually felt kinda sorry for them as I assumed the store’s buyer must’ve over-purchased or something.

Boy was I wrong. I took them home and used them the first time and when they bounced out of the dryer when I removed the laundry I found myself laughing and actually talking to them.

This was one of what I call a “Nancy moment”. I imagine my mom, Nancy, having the exact same reaction. I can also imagine her giving them names. This is one of the memories I have of my mom. She had this way, especially later in life, of finding such joy in the simplest of things. Especially nature. I’d be on the phone with her long-distance and she’d just go on and on about the squirrels or the bluebirds in the back yard. I remember actually feeling like I was there. I could picture the whole scene.

So back to the reason I was wrong about my recent purchase. Well I loved them so much that I made a list of all the people I was going to get them for and went back to White’s just days later. Yep, you guessed it — they were all sold out!! I inquired about them and was kindly (their customer service is excellent) told, “Oh ya, they’re very popular. We can’t keep them in stock!”

Occasionally I pop into the store to see if they might have them again. They’ve had others, but none as cute as the porcupines. I was disappointed but still every single time I do laundry I find myself chuckling and talking to these plastic figures as if they were my real friends. Am I turning into my mom? Absolutely. Especially in this way.

Mom was a great writer. And an excellent speller. But she wrote very little. I wish she had a blog that I could read now. I guess I’ll just continue to experience her through my newly-acquired behaviors like talking to inanimate objects and plants. I never thought for a second she was crazy. Good thing too because I’m becoming just like her. (I can imagine my daughter reading this and thinking to herself, “Oh boy”.)

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