“Open”, by Andre Agassi

Jean Oshima
2 min readNov 24, 2023

I’d be curious to know if someone with no interest in the sport of tennis would enjoy this book as much as I. My guess is, possibly?

Though I consider myself a tennis player as I have competed, coached, and taught tennis, I did not pick up a racquet until I was 40 years old. So by the time I started playing, Andre Agassi was already winding up his career, plus I never watched tennis the first several years I played. I just wanted to play. Therefore, before listening to this great memoir on audiobook, it’s safe to say I knew nothing about Andre Agassi. What a story!

As with all really great autobiographical reads, there is more depth to Agassi’s writing than what might meet the eye. I think any reader, tennis player or not, would be surprised by the many twists, turns, and returns the author created. Some by no choice of his own. And some quite intentionally.

This is one of those reads that is difficult to put down. I learned a lot about the world of tennis but even more about what one man’s determination can mean to the quality and outcome of his life and that of this he loves. It’s loaded with honesty. Hence the title

I like Andre Agassi. But I love this book. Hope you do too. Please watch this video after you read his book.


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