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Jean Oshima
2 min readSep 15, 2020

I finally got a gun. No not that kind of gun. A massage gun, silly!

On a recent visit to an acupuncturist who seems to know more about the human body than most people I’ve encountered in the medical and alternative medical profession, he used a massage gun on me. It was just one of many techniques he used but the one I enjoyed the most. If you sit at a computer a lot, are an athlete, experience everyday muscle soreness, you gotta get a gun!

On a subsequent visit I asked about the particular model he uses, pricing, etc. and came to the conclusion I wanted one that is lightweight, quiet, and under $100. My acupuncture guy’s was over $300 but he assured me colleagues had much less expensive versions they are very happy with. He said all the athletes he treats have their own. That was all I needed to hear so I set out to find one.

Aietto is the brand I landed on and am very happy I did. I have since given one as a gift to my athlete nephew who uses it daily on the entire family and have recommended it to several people who have or are getting it.

This version weighs just 23 ounces as opposed to some models that weigh as much as 4 pounds! It’s also very quiet, hold a charge for what seems like forever, and costs $99.99 on Amazon. I honestly cannot believe this is just $100. It’s very well-made, has a great carrying case, four different attachments, and is comfortable to hold in your hand.

I use it on my shoulder, my hip, and my feet! If you have any questions about it shoot me a message.

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