Marcella Vivrette Smith Park

Jean Oshima
2 min readFeb 18, 2018

I’ve always said you can judge a restaurant by two things: 1) the dessert and 2) the restrooms. So when we stopped at the restroom before parking at Marcella Vivrette Smith Park and my daughter came out saying it was the nicest public restroom she had ever used I knew the park was going to be amazing. Which was really already apparent as we drove in.

Behind the mansion

Tennessee knows how to do public parks. Every one I’ve visited is beautifully maintained and it is apparent visitors treat them with appreciation and respect. Good luck finding even one piece of trash anywhere.

Smith Park as it is referred to by locals is 320 acres owned by the city of Brentwood, Tennessee and features the historic Ravenswood Mansion.

Please visit Brentwood’s website to learn more about the park, its history, and what to do when you go:

Be sure to check out the video on the site!



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