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This chick is amazing! Every time I watch her vids I get the feeling she is about 1000 years old. How is it even possible to attain the amount of knowledge at such a young age!

Liziqi 李子柒 (pronounced Lee-Zi-Chi) has a very popular YouTube channel that I just happened upon one day. I started watching one of her vids and learned right then and there that 1) if I don’t have the time to watch the whole video I’d better watch it when I do, 2) I’d best be completely present with no distractions when I watch and 3) make it a point to do watch whenever I can. Her vids are so calming. I feel I am right there with her at her home in China with her and her grandmother soaking in the beautiful nature, the fresh air, and a plethora of knowledge that comes from visuals only. There is some music. But no dialog. Just spectacular filming of Li Ziqi doing what she does.

She is the ultimate food and nature show. On steroids!

I especially enjoyed watching her in this interview where she is described as “China’s most mysterious internet celebrity” after I’d seen several of her episodes on Instagram and YouTube:

Interview with Liziqi whose name translates to “7th child”. (Thank you for the translation, Ann.)L

When I watch her I am reminded of the time I lived in Japan 30 years ago and attended Japanese classes. The very first week of class the students somehow all decided to get together on the weekend and prepare Chinese dumplings which are called “gyoza” in Japanese. You may have had them as they are fairly common in Japanese restaurants around the world. About 12 of us met early in the morning to do the shopping and we proceeded to spend the day making these yummy gems without a single common language. My friend Ann from Malaysia spoke impeccable English along with a couple dialects of Chinese which I learned on the very first day when I asked her to speak only Japanese to me. All others spoke either Chinese or Korean. It was a full day of preparing, chopping, assembling, and cooking. Oh, and drinking too.

This day remains one of the fondest days of my life. I don’t recall whether I learned any Japanese that day, but I learned a lot that day. It was interesting to me to see how food could be such a common language. I was also very impressed with how my fellow students did not waste a single thing. Even the ends of the green onions were used in the soup broth we prepared.

You can follow Liziqi on Instagram or subscribe on YouTube. I highly recommend watching one of her vids to start your day and/or whenever you’re feeling a bit stressed or overwhelmed. And also if you can’t get out in nature, this is the next best thing.

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