King of Pops

Jean Oshima
3 min readMay 11, 2018

If you haven’t had King of Pops yet you are in for a treat! I recently had one and tried 2 others at an event I attended and they were so yummy! Just the right amount of sweet (aka not too sweet), and filled with fresh and natural ingredients like blackberries, raspberries, lemon, and ginger. And the very popular cookie dough pop was also delicious, made with real cookies!

When I arrived at the rooftop outdoor event in Franklin, Tennessee just south of Nashville, my eye went straight to the signature umbrella and simple old fashioned ice cream pushcart. There was a line. There were no lines anywhere else. Just at King of Pops. Now I know why. And the more I learn about this great company and its product the more I love them! You gotta check out their website. I’d give their website a 5 Heart Rating on its own. Here’s a bit about King of Pops taken directly from their site:

“The Paleta starts with fresh fruit and interesting flavor combinations. When we first started many of our flavors were inspired by the classics of our southern neighbors. Flavors like, Pineapple Habanero, Arroz con Leche and Tamarind.

We still make some of these flavors, but over time we’ve realized that our most delicious pops are inspired by the South. Flavors like Banana Puddin’, Peach, Blackberry Ginger Lemonade and Chocolate Sea Salt are what we’re known for.

As our business grew our pops got better and we began to realize how important it is to source from great suppliers.”

Aaaaaannnnnnddddd… they support local farmers like crazy.

Aaaaaaaaannnnnndddd… they have their own farm now.

AAAAAAANNNNNNDDDDDD… this I have just learned — they have Tree Elves!! For $55 you can have a fresh southern-grown Christmas tree delivered by real elves set up and removed and recycled through their composting program at their farm!! And yes you get pops with your tree! All for $55!! Did I hear that right??

Seriously, I think this is THE best 5 Heart Rating I have ever seen.

King of Pops is available in some stores like Whole Foods and you can have them at your private event. I hear they do incredible poptails too. Perfect for a wedding. Let’s face it, perfect for any event!

When you check out their website be sure to take a really good look around. And don’t miss seeing all the flavors they make! Let me just make it easy for you. Go here:

I wanna work at King of Pops!!



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