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Jean Oshima
3 min readFeb 5, 2023

Insight Timer is referred to as a meditation app but really is so much more. And as I’m sure those that know me will not be surprised that I have come across my share of apps either from recommendations or my own research. This is my favorite app to date. Why? What makes Insight Timer stand out?

For one thing, and I think this is unique to the app, you get a massive selection of options. Insight Timer (interesting name) describes itself as “5 Wellbeing Apps in 1”. But the most important aspect of this app for me is that not only are you able to choose from meditation, sleep, breathwork, Yoga, and contemplation, but every session offered features a different presenter. I love this! Because, as is the case with experiencing and learning anything, as I’ve said many times, I believe it is ALL about the teacher.

Let’s talk about the teachers. For instance, the very first meditation I landed on is entitled “Mountain Meditation”, presented by Andy Hobson. I have the option to go to “recent” to listen to my favorites which I do almost everyday for Andy’s guided meditation. It resonates with me and is the perfect start to my day. That’s not to say I don’t experience other presenters. I’ve enjoyed dozens already and I’ve only been using the app for a few months.

Another aspect of the app that I love is the categories where I found “recent” that include timer, sleep, recent, breathe, journal, and more. You simply pick a topic and all of the options appear. They’ve recently added the “journal” option which I’d think would be great for someone that wants to journal but hasn’t yet started simply because you already have your phone readily available and you can go straight to journaling following a guided meditation or Yoga session, etc. After which your clarity and level of presence may be at a heightened state, creating the optimal opportunity to express some thoughts through writing.

The app is very efficient, easy to use, and also free! You have the option at the end of each session to donate whatever you want. 150k 4.9-star reviews agree with me. I can imagine presenters love the app as well as they upload a session one time and are paid every time someone donates.

There’s also the paid of level of Insight Timer called “Plus” where you can participate in multi-day practices in all 5 categories offered. There are also special feature options such as “staff picks”, “for parents”, “popular courses”, “insightful talks”, and “music for calm”, which I have not even begun to explore yet. I believe is exactly what it’s all about — we don’t need more. We just need something, one thing. Maybe two. Possibly three. But the choices are there. There’s even something as simple as the sound of a crackling fire in the “relaxing sounds” category.

As a sample, here’s the “Mountain Meditation” that resonated with me. Please keep in mind, the selection is extremely varied, so if this particular meditation is not your cup of tea, I PROMISE there is something in this app for everyone.

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