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2 min readDec 1, 2018

Here’s one of those long-overdue 5 Heart Ratings. I’ve been soaking in Epsoak for well over a year now. Well not literally. I mean I do take breaks. :)

Epsoak is made by The San Francisco Salt Company. On their website Lee Williamson, president and founder, details how he got started:

“In 2002 I turned my lifetime dream of becoming an entrepreneur into a reality by taking the plunge into the world of salt. I bootstrapped my way along at farmers markets, festivals, mall kiosks, and eventually onto Pier 39, San Francisco. As I tested the waters with persistence and old fashioned hard work, I quickly graduated to the web and we have grown leaps and bounds ever since.

One thing I have learned over the years is that we could never have gotten this far without the loyal following of our customers and our talented, hardworking staff. All of us at the San Francisco Salt Company take great pride in our products, incredibly genuine customer service, and are excited to currently be the fastest growing salt company in America.”

I love this product. I use the version that has magnesium sulphate as seen in the feature photo. There are many benefits including soothing tired and aching muscles and helping to remove impurities and detox the skin. And also can be used to make exfoliating body scrubs.

If I could life a heavier bag of Epsoak I’d order that. But since the 19.75 lb version is my limit, I order about every 2 months. Really if I soaked as often as I should, it’d be more like every month for sure.

Best deal is ordered directly from The San Francisco Salt Company website. You’ll get free shipping if you order two 19.75 lb bags at a time, $23.99 each. As compared to Amazon Prime where the price is $27.99 per bag with free shipping.

So get yourself some Epsoak, fill the tub and light a candle or two. Sit back and let the salts and your body do their thing!

PS If you try any other version of the salts please be sure to send me a message and tell me your experience. I’m stuck on the magnesium one! Also, having just returned from Portugal where we visited the Natural Salt Mines of Rio Maior, I have a newfound appreciation for salt. And every time I sink into a hot tub I am reminded of that trip and all the hard work it takes to produce salt! Aaaaaahhhhhhh… so grateful… Here’s a great article about the Rio Maior mines:



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