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If you go to Dropps’ website you’ll see a tagline that reads: “We like to think of ourselves as textile engineers-turned-detergent scientists.”

I wonder if the guy I met about 20 years ago that had sold his ownership of many Burger Kings might have a similar tagline. Something like: “We like to think of ourselves as burger flippers-turned-dry-cleaning scientists.” At the time, he told me he was getting into bio-friendly dry-cleaning products. He explained a bit and I didn’t understand a whole lot but came away feeling impressed. Fast forward to 2022 and things are changing, though some of us are concerned it might not be fast enough.

Dropps popped up on my Instagram feed some time back and meant to look into it but totally forgot about it. Then my daughter sent me a link to their website the other day. (Of course, just after I’d bought laundry detergent and handsoap. I was quite disappointed that the company I had purchased from had changed their bottling of the handsoap to plastic from glass! Which was a big part of the reason I liked it in the first place. It’s sold in quatities of 4 so I’ll just have to get over the fact that my handsoap is in a plastic bottle. Ugh!!!!! Definitely not getting a 5 Heart Rating from me.)

Anyhoo, I looked into a few of the Dropps products and luckily had not bought more dish detergent AS SOON AS OR BEFORE I RAN OUT (there are drawbacks to being organized and a planner by nature). So I got their lemon-scented dishwasher pods. And I absolutely love them!!! Even the dishwasher is cleaner and shinier now!

Dropps sells all kinds of laundry and household products so you may want to take a look at their website. While you’re there, read about their history. You may be surprised to know that they invented the original laundry detergent pod that you see all the major laundry and dishwasher makers copying now.

The boxes on either side contain the pods. The packaging is amazing!

Dropps products are eco-friendly with no animal testing, and low-waste packaging. (I was almost as excited about the packaging as I was about their sustainable practices. Just look at the photo here.) Plus how can you go wrong with a product named “Dropps”?

Check out their website here: https://www.dropps.com/pages/the-dropps-story

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