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Still, when I need to use Donna’s last name I hesitate because I know her as “Donna Honeysuckle” because we met at Honeysuckle Restaurant in Franklin, Tennessee and that’s the way I put her number in my phone on that same night with plans to get together again in the near future. Which we did many times. Really she’s just “Donna” to me. But much more than that, she is an incredible artist, which I only came to know much later in our friendship.

Ever since working at Disney World with guests from literally all over the world, I’ve had this knack for being able to guess where someone is from. I’d factor in many things such as accent, level of politeness, mannerisms, etc. People from Tennessee were easy to identify from their accent — southern accents really do vary, and their politeness. Donna is no exception. She has both a beautiful Tennessee accent and is as polite as they come. I love talking with her. She is calm, smart, open, friendly, and beautiful in every way. Even though we live almost a thousand miles away from eachother now, we still make it a point to FaceTime regularly. Though our backgrounds could not be more different, we seem to have one thing in common for sure — we love good conversation.

Emi loves water. So I had to get this as soon as I saw it. Love the framing!! Oil on canvas

After knowing Donna for a while I started to learn about her art. She didn’t have a website or a presence on Instagram or her own gallery, all of which she has now. I have since purchased a beautiful painting seen here, for my daughter, and was gifted the most incredible surprise going away gift from her, also seen here. Both paintings are stunning and I love the way they’re framed!

Timing really is important so I have been waiting for the right time to share this 5 Heart Rating. Donna is participating in an amazing fundraiser for an incredible cause soon so I thought I’d do it now.

Donna created this from a photo my daughter took of the sunset. It looks exactly like the photo!! This image does not do it justice. Oil on canvas

A few of Donna’s works have been selected for the “Fearlessly and Wonderful Created Fine Art Show” benefitting “Saddle Up!”, a non-profit providing children and youth with disabilities the opportunity to grow and develop through therapeutic, educational and recreational activities with horses. This is a very similar program to one that I previously blogged about called Reins Therapeutic Horsemanship Program in Southern California.

These programs are incredible and if you ever have the opportunity to witness what they do or even better yet, get involved by volunteering or supporting one of their fundraisers, I highly recommend you do so!

The juried show benefiting Saddle Up! is being held in Nashville at The Gallery at West End United Methodist Church, Thursday, April 20th through Saturday, April 22nd and is open to the public. Here is the website for Saddle Up!:

Back to Donna and her BEAUTIFUL artwork… You can find Donna on Instagram and her beautiful website here:

Her works sell fast so if you see something you’re interested in, don’t hesitate. She also does commissioned work, many of which I have seen and they are all just gorgeous. If you get to meet Donna in person, you’re in for a real treat. You’ll see exactly what I mean in the first seconds of your encounter just as I did several years ago sitting at a bar in Franklin, Tennessee! Have you noticed I still haven’t told you her actual last name? She’s Donna Honeysuckle to me. And always will be.

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