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Dean with Dexter

If you had told me I’d be blogging about a “Swiss-Boy” living in South Africa with wild animals I myself would not have believed it. Not only am I excited to share this guy and what he’s doing with the world, but even though I am as busy as ever right now, I just had to take a moment from my day to give him a 5 Heart Rating.

Where do I begin…

A few months ago my animal-loving, well just loving in general, daughter started talking about this guy and his animals and life. Then she started sharing his videos with me and I was hooked! I have to say I think I enjoy watching his vids more than anything on social media. So much so that I even took the time to enter his contest to visit him and be at his place which he calls Hakuna Mipaka for a week. (My plan of course, if I had won, was to beg him to let my daughter visit instead.)

Dean’s mission? Here it is straight from his website:

“Hakuna Mipaka is a way of living which originated from the 5 core values: freedom, loyalty, appreciation, brotherhood and boldness. My mission is to reach as many people as possible and educate them about the wildlife and the beauty of the animal kingdom. I believe in the power of knowledge, passion and visual stories in order to change peoples’ perceptions and save the wildlife.”

The videos and photos, excitement and enthusiasm he shares with the world are all having a very profound influence. I know they do for me. I’ve learned so much just in a couple of months!

JJ is so sweet!

You will definitely want to follow him on Instagram @dean.schneider and you can get a bit more info here at his website. But BE SURE to follow him on IG!!

Here’s a brief vid just to get a taste of this wonderful human being’s energy:

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