Ann’s Florist & Coffee Bar (Also soon-to-be wine bar!)

Jean Oshima
3 min readFeb 25, 2018
The flowers

Ann is a smart girl. I don’t know Ann. I don’t have to know Ann to know this about her.

Hmmm… let’s see… what business do I want to be in?? Oh I think I’ll open a florist. Arguable the happiest business to be in. Okay, now that I have that down to a science, I’ll open a coffee shop attached to the florist. Done. Now let’s add some great sweet treats and live music. And to complete this one-stop shopping, dining, and entertainment experience, let’s add a wine bar.

If I lived near Las Olas Boulevard in Ft. Lauderdale, I’d go here. A lot.

The florist is not just any florist. It is a florist with some of the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen. There are tastefully selected and beautifully displayed gifts throughout the florist, including some silk flowers. (I could not tell the difference between the gorgeous silk flowers and the real deal.)

I am not a shopper. I repeat I am NOT a shopper. Never have been and never will be. But this florist/store smells so good and has so many beautiful things it’s more like a gallery than a store. A gallery for flowers. It’s easy to spend way more than my standard 10 minutes in this place.

It wasn’t even the florist that called to me on the day I found this gem. It was the adorable coffee shop and Larisa, the young lady at the counter when I went in to get a cup of tea. It was the conversation with Larisa and the quaint seating area outside, right on the boulevard. Dogs are welcome. It is apparent this is a local hangout. Maseratis and Lamborghinis park right out front and pop in and out or stay a while.

Creating beautiful arrangements

I brought my kids back to show them Ann’s and they were equally if not more impressed. Oh and I should mention that Ann’s reinforces my theory regarding restrooms. If the restroom is nice and very well maintained, the business will be a reflection of this. I was not surprised to see the restroom at Ann’s is beautiful.

Unfortunately I did not have the opportunity to hear the live music but since my children stayed in the area longer they did. More than once. They even sent me pictures and videos of one vocalist whom they absolutely loved!

If you’re ever near Las Olas Blvd. you will definitely want to visit Ann’s.

Soon-to-be wine bar



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