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Jean Oshima
3 min readMar 31, 2023

“Allegoria” — Amy asked her IG followers to help her name this beautiful surprise gift for her dad.

I’ve known and admired Amy Straley since she was a very young, beautifully poised, ballet dancer. So to say I was thrilled to reconnect with her years later on Instagram and find that she is quite the accomplished artist, would be an understatement. I anxiously anticipate her next unique piece of art and her clever description, often in the form of a short story. It’s obvious Amy is gifted in the arts with some very natural talent but it’s a strong sense of passion that really comes through for me in her art. It’s when I do a 5 Heart Rating like this that I wish I had a million+ followers because I think most everyone would enjoy Amy’s creations.

“February Dreaming”, 8x10 acrylic on canvas

Amy describes her style as “Fresh, Bold Art Inspired by Women”. If you like color, you will LOVE Amy Straley Art! It’s impossible for me to look at one of her paintings and not feel inspired. Sometimes I’m moved by the colors alone, or the theme, or expression through the eyes, or the cheeks, or hair style and color, or the clever and unique accessories such as earmuffs and Native American-inspired earrings as you can see here. Every single painting has a different mood. A unique expression. And like most collectible art, when you see an Amy Straley painting, you know immediately it’s hers!

I don’t know much, if anything, about collecting art. I just know what I love and Amy’s art has been one of the most refreshing styles I’ve encountered. I’m not a bit surprised that many that own Amy’s art comment that a piece simply spoke to them and they had to have it.

Amy has a beautiful website and you can also find her on Instagram. Her prices are mindblowingly affordable so if you want to purchase a GREAT gift for yourself or someone you love, I’d highly recommend you check out what’s available. She has original works and prints available. She ships anywhere! Even if you just want to take a peek, simply viewing her art will improve your day. I promise!

Here’s her website:

Just couldn’t resist including a photo of Amy as a professional ballet dancer. Talk about inspiring!

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