3 Seed Beet Crackers

Jean Oshima
3 min readJun 24, 2018

Going to start this 5 Heart Rating with a funny story that wasn’t so funny at the time given my beloved car (already 10 years old at the time) was involved. This story really does relate to the beet crips. Bare with me…

A few years a go I’d signed up to do the 25 mile Bike the Bay bike ride benefiting the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition because I wanted to really face my fear of bridges. (I grew up on the Mississippi in a city in Illinois just across the river from Iowa where half of my cousins lived so we crossed the bridge all the time. I still occasionally have recurring dreams about that bridge. And still get a little queasy when driving across bridges in general.) The route takes you across the 2-mile-long Coronado Bay Bridge which is closed to vehicles just for this annual ride.

I was very excited about the ride and awakened even earlier than usual to make the one-hour drive to San Diego and avoid traffic. I parked in what I thought was a very safe place — the parking garage of a very big hotel near the start of the race, along with hundreds, if not thousands, of other cyclists.

I had a wonderful time as the day was extremely well-organized and I was one of the first to sip a beer at the beer garden after the ride. (Not because I rode fast necessarily. More because I wasn’t ashamed to have an ice cold, locally-brewed beer at 10 o’clock in the morning.) I found that the ride on my bike across the bridge was a piece of cake and didn’t affect me in the slightest. I guess my fear is just riding in a vehicle over a bridge.

Still with me? Here’s where the beet crips come in. When I returned to my car, I found it had been broken into and the passenger window was completely shattered. (I learned this crime is done in seconds with a spark plug. The perp throws a spark plug at the window and it immediately shatters into tiny pieces, allowing the criminal to grab whatever they can very quickly.)

I still don’t recall why I did this but I’d taken my wallet out of my handbag and put it in the trunk and left my (new) handbag on the front seat in open view. Not so smart. So the perp grabbed my empty handbag what was in the glove compartment. Which was, can you guess? Yep, dried beet chips (different than crips as they are actually just dried beets) from Whole Foods. And that’s all they got.

So it was so funny to me, still is, that all they got was an empty handbag and beet chips!! I was pretty upset at the time because it was so shocking to come back to my car like that after such a great experience. But I’ve laughed about it so many times since!! And love beet chips even more!! So I was very happy to find these yummy beet crips at Trader Joe’s. And for you GFs out there they are gluten-free!

This is an awesome list of 125 best products at Trader Joe’s. The 5 Heart-rated beet crips are on this list. Note: The link starts at slide #60 because that’s the one I want to try most. My cousin Cherie’s hubby makes his own salmon jerky and it is one of the best things I have ever tasted in my life. Seriously. Like top 10!



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